Over a long period of time, the Kegel Company and ETBF has partnered successfully via a total of 5 contracts; first a one year contract signed in 2005 and then four contracts, each for three years, signed in 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2015.

Lane maintenance provided by Kegel is mandatory for hosts of ETBF Championships, while lane maintenance provided by Kegel is possible, but optional, for organizers of EBT Tournaments with a Silver, a Gold?or a Platinum Category.

Via the presence of a Kegel Technician, and availability of a top professional package of modern lane machines and chemicals, the partnership ensures that Kegel and ETBF provides the best possible competition conditions during the most important bowling events in Europe.

Kegel is also providing ETBF with a LaneMapper, which in details measures (maps) the topographical conditions of lanes in use during ETBF’s Championships. The output of the mapping is a LaneMap Guide, which is a graphical presentation of the mapping, and which is made public before every European Championship.

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